Painting and Drawing

⇒Online Registration for Winter 2017 Adult and 15+ Years



Spontaneous Watercolor 


Delve into the world of watercolor through abstraction while learning brush control, color mixing, texture, layering, and the properties of watercolor, all in the spirit of experimentation and play. Techniques such as wet-in-wet, splattering, pouring, dripping, texture overlays, and other alternate methods for creating rich surfaces will be explored.  An excellent class for beginners, or those who want to energize their current painting practice.  Day OR evening options are offered.

6-8pm NEW DATES: 4 Tuesdays, Jan 31-Feb 21 online registration


Instructor: Carol Parker-Mittal

Cost: $125 includes all materials.


Alla Prima Painting (wet on wet)


Improve and hone your observational painting skill in a fun and immediate painting process. In this six- week course, we will cover the process of paining wet on Wet (Alla Prima). Create a series of paintings from observation, exploring both single session paintings as well as multi-session paintings. We'll also be covering in-depth  ideas of paint application and color theory. All levels welcome.


10am-1pm NEW DATES: 6 Wednesdays, Feb 1 -March 8  


Instructor: Dylan Evans Weiler

Cost: $175 includes all materials.


From Sketching to Drawing

In this six week class we will be more fully exploring the process of creating a finished drawing. The process of creating a drawing over multiple sessions can be intimidating and through this class we will be break the process down into incremental steps to make it more manageable.  We will explore both additive and subtractive drawing processes to create a fully realized image in graphite.  

10am-12pm 6 Tuesdays, Jan 24-March 1 online registration


Cost: $145 includes all materials

Instructor: Dylan Evans Weiler



Graphic Novels


In this eight week course we will be be working to create a short form story through sequential images.  Learn the process of story telling though drawing.  We will  cover elements of story telling and narrative flow, along with drawing, inking and painting techniques.     

Instructor: Dylan Evans Weiler

Cost: $175 includes all materials. Adults and youth 14+.

6:30-8:30pm NEW DATES: 8 Wednesdays, Feb 1-March 22 online registration



Shorter Workshops:


Colored Pencil Power



Colored pencils are amazing, magical, and full of vibrant power! In this class you will unlock their potential, and learn how to use them for layering, color mixing, burnishing, textures, and more! This class is suitable for the beginning drawer, as well as those who want to improve their skills with adult coloring books. Use our supplies or bring your own. Ages 12-adult.

Instructor: Carol Parker-Mittal

Cost: $25


6-8pm Tuesday, Feb 28 online registration



Interior Spaces: A Winter Plein Air Painting Class

In this full-day work shop we will paint on location exploring the methods of creating a painting in one session.  We will explore the meanings of interior spaces and how to depict them through utilization of perspective and lighting.  

10am-5pm Sunday, February 26 online registration


Cost: $85 includes all materials. Students meet at Blackbird Arts and carpool to indoor location.

Instructor: Dylan Evans Weiler


Portraiture from Life 

In this full day painting workshop we will create a portrait painting in a single session from a live model.  Over the course of the day we cover the process of capturing a likeness and expression of our model. We explore painting utilizing a more limited palate, to speed up the painting process but will explore the process of expanding color as the day progresses.  

10am-4pm Saturday, March 4 CLASS NOT AVAILABLE


Cost: $85 includes all materials and model fee.

Instructor: Dylan Evans Weiler

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