Printmaking and Book Arts

Introduction to Letterpress Printing

certification class

Artists and printmakers are continually finding ways to explore this art form. Combining the beauty of fine paper, metal type, ink and the magic of multiples, this 4-week course takes students through the history and fundamentals of letterpress printing. Students learn to lock-up their type, set pressure, mix ink and safely operate our rare old presses. You'll  acquire the technical skills to continue printing independently at Blackbird Book Arts and Press to create inventive prints, invitations, poems, coasters and more. 

5:30-8:30pm 4 Tuesdays, April 18-May 9 online registration


Cost: $175 includes all materials

Instructor: Chad Pastotnik of Deep Wood Press


Concertina Books

Think of a special person and create a unique book about your time together. Concertina books can have pockets, envelopes, and secret compartments to carry messages, mementos, and special photos. Learn a variation on the accordion structure, utilize decrative papers, mixed-media, sewing, and gluing techniques. Design and build this one-of-a-kind book to give as a gift, or as a remembrance of someone special. Participants are encouraged to bring ephemera, quotes, small photos, and other objects of personal importance. This makes a beautiful and thoughtful Mother's Day gift, too!


5:30-8:30pm Tuesday, May 9 class not available


Cost: $25 + $5 materials fee

Instructor: Carol Parker-Mittal



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