Metals & Enameling

Beginning to Intermediate Metals and Enameling


This four-week mixed ability class explores working with metals in a variety of ways--from small jewelry to sculptural items.  Learn to saw, pierce, texturize, form/fold, and rivet metal to create all types of objects. Beginning students learn the basics of copper enameling, which is a process that fuses powdered glass to metal. Intermediate students eplore more advanced techniques such as sgraffito, watercolor and transparent enamels. Students have the option of creating functional objects (jewelry, mini-bowls, buttons, etc) or decorative pieces. Explore different uses for the enameling kiln and a handheld torch.


5:30-7:30pm 4 Wednesdays, Sept 27-Oct 18 online registration
10am-12pm 4 Thursdays, Sept 28-Oct 19 online registration


Cost: $135 + $15 materials fee

Instructor: Elara Coleman



Special Projects in Enameling


Image Transfers into Metal




Use a favorite photo, vintage image or original artwork and learn to enamel them onto copper using a transer and firing process. Projects can vary from jewelry to wall hangings. We'll also experiment with special watercolors to colorize and add impact. No experience in metals necessary--beginning to advanced are all welcome for this  workshop.  

Cost: $75 + $12 materials fee/ includes all materials and tools.

Instructor: Elara Coleman

5:30-8:30pm 2 Wednesdays, Oct 25 & Nov 1 online registration


Salt Bowls with Enameled and Ceramic Spoons

Create a work of art for your table or favorite foodie in your life. Beginning with a sheet of copper, we'll first form small bowls. Then we'll enamel them in a jewely kiln and a hand-held torch. In the second session, we'll work with a ceramic artist to create unique salt spoons out of clay, then glaze and fire in the kiln. Sample of variety of unique salts and learn a little how these can enhance your cooking.  No prior experience in metals or ceramics necessary, but those with metalsmithing experience will have access to all the tools if they choose.

Cost: $65 + $10 materials fee

5:30-8pm 2 Wednesdays, Nov 8 & 15 online registration


Instructor: Elara Coleman, Clay Maas

Cost: $65 + $10 materials fee

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