Grayscale: Voices of LGBTQ+ Youth

Grayscale is a story-based advocacy program for LGBTQ+ students 13-17 years old. Students are accepted via an application process for this six-week internship to work with professional artists to develop a public art exhibition. This exhibit tackles critical issues facing LGBTQ youth and seeks to broaden the dialogue about how to support youth in our community.

Blackbird Arts believes in creating a studio that is safe and affirms young adults' gender identity and sexual orientation.  In addition to the Grayscale exhibition, youth will work to create a lending library, public outreach and education, and a listing of resources for LGBTQ+ youth.  Deadline to apply for the program is November 15




"I get tired of people asking, 'but what's your REAL name?'. This is my name."

Photos: Alexa Hughes Photography


"I wish people understood that it's only one part of who I am."

Photos: Alexa Hughes Photography