Friday Art Nights



Friday Art Nights give families and friends the opportunity to join together in art-making. With a professional artist guiding the way, students learn step-by-step how to create with clay. You'll be supported in basic clay hand building techniques and encouraged to play, experiment, and let your imagination take center stage. All Friday Art Nights run 6-8pm on select Fridays throughout the season. Class fee ranges from $22-25/person and includes all materials and kiln firings. 


About Friday Art Nights: We encourage full family participation for these special evenings.  Children under 12 are required to have a participating adult with them. The workshops are appropriate for children 3+ years. Please note: tickets for Friday Art Nights are non-refundable. 



January 19: Hot Mugs! 

Begin with a slab of clay and learn all the tricks to turning it into a personalized mug. Includes a hot chocolate bar for sampling  unique recipes for winter. 


February 16: Modern Vases

Join ceramics artist Phil Wilson to pump clay through an extruder to create unique forms. These forms can be mixed and matched to make contemporary sculptures or modern vases.